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Charter Communications Internet

Published January 27, 2016 by Amplio Recorrido

I’m starting an online war against Charter Communications and their service! I’ve called multiple times a month, every month for over a year. I talk to Charter more than my own family and I know every technician that comes out here so well, we could have get together’s to BBQ and have swim parties. 

I’m so sick of Charter and their service and their twisted business practices! They are the only company in our city and that’s exactly why they are screwing us! They want to charge me $65/month for internet and I’m getting between 8mbps – 11mbps download speeds on a regular basis. Yes, I’ve done all of the tech support imaginable and I’ve changed my equipment multiple times, I’ve even moved my router and modem to a better location yet, they don’t care. On top of that, we have outages every few days sometimes and at least several times a month. They always claim they are fixing and have fixed the problem and it’s bullshit! 

They are getting tons of calls from customers in my state about the same issues constantly and what does corporate do? NOTHING! Then if you’re out of internet for say 10 hours, you’ll be lucky to get a $5 credit. What does that do for me? NOTHING! I don’t care about the stupid credit! I want my internet to be reliable and I’ve been told by every single representative that I’ve spoken with “If you don’t like it switch to another provider” and then they laugh because they know there are no other providers. That’s customer service? BULLSHIT! Something needs to be done about this and since no one at Charter cares, I guess it’s going to take filing a lawsuit against the company and reporting them to the BBB for their shady business practices. 

If anyone else has experienced bad service with Charter, please comment below and tell me what you have managed to get from them. 


The San Bernardino, CA shootings

Published December 3, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I wanted to blog today about the San Bernardino, California shootings which happened on December 2nd, 2015. We know for sure that this was not an act of ISIS but rather, this is an act of people who had the full intention of killing a particular group of people. In the event that it was ISIS, they would have killed many more and probably blown up the building and then themselves. These suspects actually killed only a small group of people and then fled in an SUV. 

Now, when news first hit of the tragedy, many people were quick to say it was Muslim’s who did it and I believe this is because American’s have come to believe that Muslims are all terrorists and that they are always looking for someone to attack here in America however, these incidents occurred in a run down city, that is for many reasons a crime capital and anyone at any time could become a victim in the city of San Bernardino. 

Having lived in San Bernardino nearly 2 years before moving, I can tell you that a lot of crime happened daily and there were always stabbings, murder, robbing that sort of stuff and of course constant sirens and helicopters. From what I understand concerning this incident, the suspects rented out a conference room in the building so that they could have access to the building and they claimed it was for a Christmas Party however, that is very suspicious in nature considering that Christmas is several weeks away still. So any way, they went into the conference room and started shooting and then went throughout the building to the offices looking for people to shoot. As of 8:00 pm 12/2/15 here in California, there are 14 confirmed dead (2 of which are the suspects) and 18 injured (including the cop who was shot). 1 of those patients is in critical condition and may not survive the night. 

I have been kept up to date on every interview, conference on the news as well as the full story as it develops and this doesn’t seem like an act of terrorism at least not in the way that many people define terrorism (typically using Muslim’s). It was however a well planned attack against a particular group of people. The building is a building that focuses on helping people with disabilities. From what I understand, one of the victims was paralyzed and in a wheel chair and that’s who they shot first. What kind of coward does someone have to be to shoot people in the first place and then to shoot someone who can’t defend themselves? Then Obama has the nerve to get up on National TV and make his BS apology statements and then claim “We need to do something about the gun laws”, really Obama? Don’t you think he probably should have done something a long time ago? I do realize that having gun laws in effect won’t stop all guns from coming into the hands of crazy people and criminals but, if our government raided more people of their guns, it would be much more difficult to have mass shootings.

So many people are upset about the idea’s of having their guns taken away from them because, they feel that the majority are responsible. What you don’t understand is that whether there are responsible people or not, there are just too many non responsible, crazy people who are going to end the lives of hundreds of people and eventually destroy the citizens of the U.S. and therefore, due to all of the senseless murders and guns being the weapon of choice, we have to do something drastic now about guns being here. Too many innocent lives being taken. 

As a previous resident of San Bernardino, my heart truly goes out to those affected by this tragedy and the exception to that is, I do not feel sorrow for the shooters who died. I will update this blog if any new information becomes available. Thank you for reading and please reblog.

Target of Atheists

Published April 11, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I decided to write this blog to talk about my struggles of believing in God. You see, I’ve always been one to express how I feel unfiltered but, I try to do it in a way that’s not offensive or overbearing. I don’t push my beliefs on anyone unless I’m confronted. I often have the worst time on YouTube. I’m watching something religious and I scroll down to make a comment and there it is, the dreaded angry atheist who’s decided to come on the video’s simply to harass the Christian’s. It seems that we’re often attacked for most everything and that despite having proof of false claims through evolution, the arguments continue and what you find is a very stubborn person who will talk themselves into sounding intelligent. I often seem like a paranoid person because, it seems like every where I go to comment, there’s that dreaded angry atheist following me around and making comments on everything I say. I’ve been called ignorant, cold hearted, a bitch, useless, trash and anything else you can imagine. It’s odd that no matter whether I’m calm and collective or angry and bitter, I often get the same verbal abuse.

I have grown tired of the struggles of being a Christian. I find though that the ignorance lies in those Atheists who are just looking for a fight. Often times, they have no basis for their anger and the assumption is always made that God is a pixie fairy or some other fairy tale creature and that Christian’s are all bible thumping Jesus freaks who kill others in the name of God and who abuse their children by threatening hell. Those are all ridiculous baseless claims that have no other purpose than to make the Atheist ego bigger.

Not all Atheists have a problem with Christian’s and some are actually very polite and agree to disagree. Others create ridiculous Facebook pages like “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” in which they post despicable pictures of Christ or Christian kids, in compromising positions often accompanied by hateful captions. I see no purpose in that what-so-ever. If you truly don’t believe there is a God, is it necessary to constantly mock, use his pictures that are created and to fight Christian’s?

Scientists are constantly trying to disprove God and they have so far failed. They have come up with some ridiculous calculations and confusing explanations which most Atheists will say “Sounds reasonable, let’s remember this and use it in an argument”. It’s basically having faith in man, having faith in those who are easily making mistakes. So I guess in a way, you could consider it a religion. They have faith in man, we have faith in God. If people knew me, they wouldn’t be so quick to hate on me. I have no problem with other religions. I have friends that are Catholic, Muslim, Atheists etc. We don’t talk about what we believe and it’s up to each person to decide what will their life be like. However, if I’m on a Christian video, I don’t want to deal with Atheists who are angry and who have weaned their way in just to bash others. I’m like “Stay on your own videos and we’ll stay on ours”. The most hate comes from them, much more than people using God to hate others. These are all events that are described in the bible in which Atheists claim is fake garbage. The Bible has provided many insights as to what would occur and it does so with high accuracy in which people of that time couldn’t have possibly known what was to come or to even guess what would happen thousands of years later and therefore, yes I believe that God gave them that information. The big bang certainly didn’t, there were no Scientists back then to make up crazy calculations, monkey’s certainly weren’t guessing. There is a lot of evidence to support God but, those who hate him will argue.

In closing, I just want to say that we should all make an effort to get along and stop crossing the line with each other.

The Racist Debate

Published March 2, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I have to write this because I’m annoyed. I have nothing against races but, I can tell you this, I’m tired of seeing stories about white on black conflicts. More than ever we are seeing stories about innocent black kids being killed and teenager and adult blacks being killed by either a Hispanic or a white.

I understand that people are upset that their kids are being killed by cops or random people and that’s fine but, when the world goes in an uproar over it, it’s annoying because all you hear about is how it’s only because they were black. It may seem that way, that’s not necessarily the case and I hate to tell you but, there are hundreds of innocent people killed that are not black and a lot of them have been killed by blacks and did not get media attention or uproar’s.

I could post dozens of stories about innocent white kids (and when I say kids, I mean true children) who were senselessly shot by blacks. That’s far from the point, I’m just tired of hearing the sob stories of blacks where they claim they are being “picked on” and chosen by other races intentionally and that they are the only one’s. Yet, every time you turn on the news or open a newspaper, all you see is how blacks have raped, robbed, murdered etc… innocent people.

I think the guilt trip that are put on white people about how blacks have been mistreated is unfair and I am allowed to have an outside point of view that’s not really bias considering I’m not white or black. I’m basically just an observer when it comes to reading comments especially on Facebook for news stories. What I notice the most is how people like myself are always attacked and threatened which basically just proves that violence in the black community is common.

Here’s what I will say, there are a lot of educated black people who don’t feel the need to gang bang, drug sling, fight, act like fools and steal. There are upstanding citizens in every race and there are horrible people in every race but, there are a lot of black people who act like fools, end up in prison and hang out at gas stations or stores trying to make a buck off of people rather than getting a job or going back to school to better their selves. I’m seeing more and more black kids ages 10 and under who are actually at the stores, by their selves, selling candy with jacked up prices and you can tell that they are basically working either for their parents or they are alone and having to fend for their selves. Kids should never be in this position. Many are also sucking the life out of the welfare system and it’s only because they don’t want to work and yes, there are many people who need the system and have actually tried surviving. Others just depend on it because, it’s free money.

Mexican’s too are constantly being bashed and accused of being welfare suckers. Mexican’s work harder than any other race out there and they do jobs that many other races refuse to do. If it weren’t for the Mexican’s, everyone would starve because, not many people are willing to put in the hard work to plant and harvest food. Again, like in every other race there are bad Hispanic’s who have chosen to join gangs and cause destruction.

White’s are constantly being attacked for various reasons. One of the main reason’s is they are being held accountable for what SOME black’s had to go through in the past and I say some because there again, despite the sob stories, not all blacks were slaves and they didn’t all come from Africa. White’s are also attacked as being “lazy, uneducated” and are also often accused of being on the system. White’s are also guilty of attacking other races particularly the Mexican’s because they feel entitled to the United States and they forget that the people who made this land what it is, were actually Mexican’s and Native American’s. Mexican’s owned quite a few states and many of you have no idea about the Mexican American war or the number of states Mexican’s owned. White’s feel so entitled to the land, they forget that they too are immigrants and had to cross an ocean to get here. The constant war with “This is America, Speak English”. That’s ignorance as America is a Continent, many languages are spoken all over the America’s and English was brought over from England, forced upon the Mexican’s and Native American’s who already had discovered the United States. If you want to block out all of the immigrants, that sends the majority of white’s back to Europe so think before you speak.

Asians, they are often known as being intelligent, hateful and rude. They come over to the United States, populate like rabbits, close down all the mom and pop businesses and build Asian empires. They take over entire cities and send all residents who aren’t Asian packing. They are very rude and act like they own every single building they occupy and visit especially in the stores. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve nearly been run over by Asian’s with shopping carts and had many near accident’s because of their reckless driving in parking lots.

I’m positive that many of you will go on a bashing towards me and you’ll be angry, curse and flipout but, at least consider what has been said before jumping to defending your honor. What I have said in this blog doesn’t apply to all people of any race and I think I have been fair in labeling each race individually but not grouping every single person in each race together. There are good and bad in all races.

Finally Peace!

Published January 18, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I wanted to update you guys on how things have been going since my last blog. I have not spoken to my mother in law since the last incident and told her that she could not come and stay with us again. I know it seemed harsh but, I really needed peace in my life and most definitely in my son’s life. My son is still struggling with his Autism but, he’s not acting out nearly as much since he’s been weaned away from his toxic grandma. Things are so much better here at home and we’re all enjoying the quiet. We have started decorating things the way we want to and honestly, it’s been nice! I feel this surrounding peace almost like we’re just finally able to mature together and feel good about our lives. The hardest thing was getting my husband to stand up to his mother and get him to realize that you don’t have to be disrespectful, to get your point across. (This portion of the post was written a few days ago and saved as a draft until tonight).

UPDATE ON POST 1/18/15 at 1:24am – My mother in law contacted my husband yesterday and talked about coming back here even though, she knows she’s not welcome here. I gave my husband a look that he knew what it meant. He told her that if she did come and stay that he would not be taking her to any Kingdom Hall visits, we were going to follow through with no Jehovah’s Witness material being allowed in our home, we were going to have whatever we wanted in our home, without her being involved in our decision making and we were going to have our son’s 2nd birthday party next month. She usually sends some money every month to pay one bill and, we found out that she does that in order to have a hold over us. She said “Well, I don’t think I could be around then but, I want to send you some money anyway for paying your bill”. It honestly seems like that nothing is sinking in with her.

She is currently staying with my brother in law and she always likes staying with him because he’s her favorite and her “baby” and he can do no wrong in her eyes. He has done a lot wrong but, that’s a blog post for another time. I think it’s best if she stays with her favorite son who lets her get by with whatever. In return of being a momma’s boy, she runs his life. I’m glad that we’re not in that position. She continues to say that she wants to be in our son’s life but, she’s not willing to abide by the rules set out here in order to do that. We had to cut her off on being here, we can’t deal with this stuff anymore. As far as her not being here the past couple of weeks, things are really taking a turn-around as I mentioned above where we’re much happier as a couple, individuals and as parents. My son doesn’t even ask for her anymore and we’re happy about it because we knew that she would have influence over him and his thoughts if she continued to be in his life. Well that’s everything for now. Have a great night/day you guys!

The Importance of Your Final Wishes

Published December 14, 2014 by Amplio Recorrido

The one thing that no one wants to talk about is death. For so many people it’s a scary thought especially when you’re young and healthy or somewhat healthy. However, when I was 18, I started thinking about what I would want when I die even though I had no plans of dying any time soon. I have had people say that it’s morbid and makes me seem like I have an obsession with death. Actually, it’s the opposite. I’m afraid of death just as much as the next person.

I found that despite what people want to believe, there are many people who die very young and it’s left up to the family as to what they may have wanted. I personally don’t want that. If something were to ever happen to me, I want the ability to make decisions for myself and I found the best way to do that is to have an Advance Directive in place. An Advance Directive is a way for you to write down exactly what you want, have 2 witnesses sign it, get it notarized if you desire to and give copies to your doctors, your local hospital and family or friends.

I found that the easiest form to fill out was a form called Five Wishes and it’s free to anyone who wants a copy mailed to them. There’s many different questions inside the Five Wishes and you simply write your answer to the questions below and then write anything else you would like. Some of the most important questions they ask you are things like Do you want life support? Do you want Artificial Nutrition? What music would you like played at your funeral? Things like that. It gives a clear cut and legal way for you to speak for yourself through your handwriting when you cannot speak for yourself verbally.

Now, I’m sure that so many of you will wonder why I would write a blog like this but honestly, I think it’s important to talk to people about what their options are and how to go about it without the expense of going through a lawyer or having to go to court and get a judge to sign your document. There are so many things going on in this world right now and so many people who are involved in innocent deaths and some who choose to end their lives. No matter what happens, be prepared. You can obtain a copy of Five Wishes here: http://www.amedisys.com/patients-and-caregivers/health-resources/advanced-directives

The Nervous Breakdown

Published December 8, 2014 by Amplio Recorrido

I decided to write this blog because right now I’m experiencing a mental breakdown so please, allow me the time here to explain everything.

I don’t have this problem often but right now, I feel as though I’m not connected to myself. I know that sounds strange but it’s almost like I’m watching myself away from my body. I don’t feel depressed or suicidal, I just feel a complete disconnect. When people are talking to me tonight, I barely hear anything they say. It almost sounds like they are speaking from a distance into a tunnel.

I have been having some stress with my husband lately. About 2 years ago, we found out that he has Schizoaffective and though he doesn’t have hallucinations, he does verbalize every single tiny thought that he has and he has a lot of issues where if one little thing doesn’t work right, he gets manic, he also has problems with communication and studders a lot. Fine, that’s not really the issue. However, I have become zoned out when it comes to his problems. I feel as though I have so many difficulties of my own that I cannot deal with his constant issues. I love him but, I’m growing tired. Anytime I go to relax, he comes right in the same room I’m in and talks through the entire TV show I’m watching and he constantly says every little tiny thing on his mind. He’s always interrupting my phone conversations with his excessive talking or he’s in the background yelling about something he perceives as something major that’s actually very minor.

On top of that stress, I have a child with autism who can’t handle anymore than his father can and it’s basically like having two kids with autism. I’m a lot more patient with my son because I know that there’s hope for him and I love him very much and i know that none of this is his fault. My husband used to help me a lot with our son but now, he’s at a point to where he would much rather be focused on either being mad about something, watching TV or obsessing over sports. Then, when I ask him to do any task around the house, you would think I just asked him to jump off a bridge. Another problem I have is every time I say something to him, it’s almost like I never said anything and usually end up repeating myself. i have tried talking to him about all of the various issues but he just keeps arguing with me and saying that’s not the way it is.

I love my husband very much but, the problems that he’s having mentally that have increased over the past year are taking a toll on me. He’s not physically abusive so that’s a good thing but, I’m just losing all of my patience. If it wasn’t for our son, I could very easily just walk away. I know that people are supposed to see a marriage through but honestly, I don’t see myself being with him the rest of my life if he can’t get his issues under control. I just want some peace, I’m not asking for much. Our car has been broken down for nearly a week now and I’m really stressing because the only outside time I get is going to the backyard and that does help some but, sometimes I just need to drive. I don’t drink or party and I have only a few friends (by choice). I work from home through an online business that I have and it’s simply not enough because my husband isn’t working right now and so we’re stuck together 24/7. That’s making it all worse.

I’m constantly having to be after my husband to do things, to take his meds, to help with whatever needs to be done, to go to the store when our car was working and anything else. I’ve grown tired of being the main adult in this family who’s trying to keep it all together. On top of that, I have a mother in law who stays with us and it’s been a nightmare because she gets mad over every little thing and is annoyed by so much stuff. Now, I don’t want any of you to take anything I have said the wrong way as far as my son is concerned. He’s never in danger or hearing anything that’s going on because he’s either outside playing in the backyard or sleeping.

I was doing pretty good today until i went to relax and my husband decided to verbalize every tiny thought that entered his mind, which by the way, is never of any meaning. He just talks and talks about virtually nothing and when I go to talk to him about serious issues, he just basically shuts down and he has told me that he doesn’t mean to be this way and that he feels like he has no control over it. We haven’t had much luck in finding him a viable treatment for his mania. I feel very lucky though that he’s not like most manic’s who are alcoholic’s or abusers. He does have good self control as far as that goes and he doesn’t drink alcohol at all anymore, he stopped about 4 years ago. I don’t feel like I’m in danger of anything, I just feel like my mind can’t take anymore stress and so I decided to lock myself in my bedroom to write this blog just to have some quiet time.

Comment and let me know if you have experienced this and what you think about it. Insulting comments towards me will be rejected and trashed.

No Apology

Published October 15, 2014 by Amplio Recorrido

It’s very long but, interesting

Mehreen Kasana

On my way to class, I take the Q train to Manhattan and sit down next to an old white man who recoils a noticeable bit. I assume it’s because I smell odd to him, which doesn’t make sense because I took a shower in the morning. Maybe I’m sitting too liberally the way men do on public transit with their legs a mile apart, I think to myself. That also doesn’t apply since I have my legs crossed. After a few seconds of inspecting any potential offence caused, I realize that it has nothing to do with an imaginary odor or physical space but with the keffiyeh around my neck that my friend gifted me (the Palestinian scarf – an apparently controversial piece of cloth). It is an increasingly cold October in NYC. Sam Harris may not have told you but we Muslims need our homeostasis at a healthy…

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