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My Review: Epson Expression Home XP-424 Printer

Published September 25, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido
The Stock Photo of the Printer

The Stock Photo of the Printer

Yesterday I went to Walmart and purchased an all in one printer made by Epson. Previously, I owned two printers one was a Kodak and the other a Canon. Let’s start with the Kodak printer

The Kodak printer claims to be of great quality and due to their name, you would expect great prints well, WRONG! The Kodak printer that I had printed less than desirable pictures and documents and lasted a mere 7 months before breaking down. The printer kept alerting me that there was no ink in the printer and yet there was brand new ink in the printer. Keep in mind that this printer will NOT print if you have only one or the other (black or color) even if both cartridges are in place and even if you choose one on the settings. So where most people who don’t have colored ink in their cartridge could just select “Print in Grayscale”, you cannot do that with the Kodak printer. 

The cannon – Ugh where do I start. This printer was absolutely horrible from the beginning. Now, I didn’t expect much for $30 but seriously, the printer only printed in green and yellow ink and the documents were so horrible you had to squint to read them. Lines and stone age graphics make that printer a no no! 

After my frustrations with crappy printers, I finally decided to try the Epson Expression Home XP-424 model printer. This particular printer has very high reviews and I thought well, I have a 2 year warranty on it and I have 90 days to return it if it doesn’t work. I paid $60 for this printer at Walmart and what I love about this printer is that it doesn’t require a USB cable in order to work, it does work solely on Wifi, I couldn’t believe it! I’ve had other printers like the Kodak that supposedly worked on Wifi but never did even when connected but this Epson certainly does! Unlike most printers, this printer takes 4 ink cartridges which I’m not sure I like. It comes with a Yellow, Cyan, Black, Color ink cartridges, all of which were individually vacuum sealed in their own packages. 

The printer boasts that it can print 175 pages on the black ink and 165 pages on the colored inks. It has a scanner and a copier built in. It will print from Wireless, Wifi Direct, Tablet and Smart Phone printing. It boasts that it’s Hi Res 2.5″ color display. I did have a little trouble putting in the paper correctly as when you pull up the back that supports the paper, you must pull up and then bend backwards in order for it to stay in place. You also must move the slider where the slider goes to the end of the paper in order for it to print straight. However, this is a minor issue and it works well once you do it correctly. 

I printed a test page and a document and I have to say I’m impressed with the colors and clarity based on the price of the printer. It certainly works much better than any printer I have ever owned. I suggest you buy this printer, I think you’ll be quite satisfied. I give this printer a 4/5 star rating overall. 

My picture of the printer

My picture of the printer