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The Generation of Looking Down

Published February 5, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

Looking Down

With all of the new technologies now and most of them being consolidated onto cell phones, we have become a generation of looking down. I can clearly remember being a kid and going somewhere like the doctors office and running to my room before we left, I had to grab something to keep me busy which ended up being either a coloring book with crayons, a toy or a handheld video game system like my Nintendo Gameboy. Ah those were the days. Now we have a generation of people who carry their smartphones and can do anything they want to keep their self busy.

The older generations who don’t use technology will tell you that our generation is missing out on so much in life. What are we really missing out on though? Not much actually if you think about it because, everything is available to us. What our friends are doing, what news is on TV, what new game is out that everyone is playing, controlling our home alarm system and many other things that can be done on a smartphone. We can even travel the world through Google earth. The great smartphone even gets us out of a boring situation, by having something to distract us. Yes we truly are the generation of looking down.

What did people used to do for entertainment before cell phones became smart? Well, many people spent much more time outside, kids rode their bikes and played a good game of hide and seek or basketball. People had to go home or to a friend’s house to play on a bulky video game system, you had to pull out a camera to take pictures and then have them developed at a store. If you wanted to see what the other side of the world was doing, you would have to spend thousands to travel.

There’s no doubt about it, we all have our heads buried in our smartphones and most of us have our phone’s glued to our hands everywhere we walk. We’ve become so obsessed with our phones we rarely put them in our pockets anymore or leave them laying somewhere and wall hugging to keep that cell phone charged is a way of life.

It’s so important to us as a generation to be liked online. We want the whole world to see our tweets, instagram posts, Facebook statuses, what we’re eating, where we are going, what we are doing and for people to press that like button, reblog, retweet, sharing, commenting and so on. We determine our self worth by what other people, even strangers think of us and some people take it much harder than others. 

If anyone here doesn’t have a smartphone, would you own one and if not, why?

For those of you who do have smartphones, would you ever live without it?

Product review #1: Samsung Galaxy S3

Published January 9, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I’m going to start doing something a little different than usual. I have decided to start doing product reviews on my blog for a while to help keep people informed of every day products. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Galaxy S3.

samsunggalaxysiii4glte-overview-large otterbox

I have had the S3 for about a year. I have had the opportunity to upgrade but choose not to because I enjoy my version. The S3 is a very thin phone if it doesn’t have a durable case, it can easily slip from your hands. Everyone drops their phone at some point or the dreaded dropping it in water. In my case, I have an Otterbox case that I love which has fully protected my phone in both water and drops. It was pricey at first coming in at $50 but, you get free replacements for life without having to mail in your old case.

The S3 takes really good pictures and has decent quality video. The “mobile video” for SMS isn’t great and is grainy but, regular video which has no time restriction, is very clear and the sound is great.

Despite having my phone for quite a while, it’s been a great phone in all aspects. One of the biggest things is that, it comes with 16GB without having to use an SD card. I have been able to download tons of music, pictures and apps and still have more than plenty of space on my phone and everything is automatically backed up via Cloud and Google. Due to having things on backup, many apps can be universally used by simply signing in to your account on a different phone or device and continuing your apps where you left them, including games so that if something does happen to your phone, you won’t lose any progress.

I like that my phone has a screensaver option that’s built in. It not only looks great but, it keeps the boring black screen away. You can also choose when you want your screensaver to turn on. For example, mine is set to turn on, only when charging. I also enjoy that there are 2 camera’s on the phone and the camera features a self timer button so you can take pictures of yourself without having someone hold the phone. It also comes with nice LED lights inside that show you different colors in a flashing manner for different things happening. For instance, my light turns green if i have a text and turns blue if I have email.

The cons of the phone: Not very well built, Not made for accidents, Not waterproof, Doesn’t have a good long battery life, The SMS video needs to be updated, Firmware is rarely available. The first 3 cons can be resolved by using an ARMOR case or an Otterbox case.

Any Galaxy S3 that you buy now automatically forces you to upgrade to Kit Kat. Kit Kat is not for everyone because you lose the ability to do a lot of things including using Tethering when your phone company has blocked you from using it and a lot of apps cannot handle and are not made for Kit Kat users.

All in all, I give the Galaxy S3 7 out of10 stars!

Tell me about your Galaxy, doesn’t have to be the S3.

The Odd Things About People

Published November 11, 2014 by Amplio Recorrido

Have you ever noticed that many humans are the same? How about that many humans do the same things as other humans? Here’s a list of things humans do

Many people ask questions and answer their own questions. Have you ever noticed this? For example: “Do I think this will happen?” “Yes of course”. “Do I think that this will be the end?” “Yes, I do”. Now I have always thought this was odd because, why would anyone ask a question just to answer it? Why not just say “I believe this will happen or I believe this will be the end”.

Many people use their hands to attempt to make signals to tell you what they’re saying. Have you noticed that? Some people have a lot of trouble talking without using their hands and it’s odd because the language being spoken is completely understood particularly, if 2 people who speak the same language are in conversation and therefore hand signals are completely unnecessary. (I’m not referring to people who use sign language in attempt to have a conversation with the hard of hearing)

Many people tell nearly every single thought on Facebook or other social media. Have you noticed that people cannot even take a shower without posting it on Facebook? It’s also now become widespread to post personal photo’s on Facebook such as breastfeeding, in heated sexual poses or even naked/half naked pictures.

Almost everyone automatically “lines up” in a grocery store. Now you might say, yeah but you’re required to stand behind another person in line. Actually, you’re not really required but, people do it automatically after going through 12 years of schooling where everyone was forced to “line up”.

Many people who are in a waiting room of any kind pull out their cell phones within 5 minutes of sitting down. Have you ever noticed this? If not pay attention to it next time. We are a generation of “looking down”.

People will automatically start scratching if they see someone else doing so or if they see any type of bug near them or on them and that stays with the person long after the “threat” is gone. Also, mention to anyone that you’re itching and they will start itching within a few minutes.

If you know of anything else that people do that seems to be a copy of others, please leave it in the comments! Thanks!