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Drugged Out Losers

Published August 4, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I feel like I have to post this because, I’m incredibly annoyed at stupid, drugged out, idiots running around in society. Here’s the thing, I’m not talking about people who were on drugs and are now getting better and recovering from them. There are a lot of good people in this world who used to be on drugs and aren’t anymore and I’m not talking about people who smoke pot. 

There are a lot of people out there who are on speed, meth, cocaine, heroin, spice and other heavy drugs (not talking about pot). Those same people just get worse when they are on it. Not only do you have issues with people doing whatever to feed their drug habit but, there’s also the one’s who become violent or obnoxious and some who commit crazy crimes while on these drugs or as a result of needing them. 

For instance, there’s a guy who lives in my neighborhood behind my house and I already wrote a blog on it, refer to the blog about the bad neighborhood. The guy is on speed and meth, he’s extremely obnoxious and violent. The guy is constantly in a screaming match with someone whether it be his druggie girlfriend or the neighbors nearby. He’s constantly screaming, cussing and making threats. I don’t deal with him and I don’t interact with him or any of my other neighbors. I don’t want to be involved with druggies. Otherwise, the next time he would be at my house trying to cause trouble, in which case he would be dead because, I’m not going to put up with the s***! 

Then there’s people you see on the street. You know you’re at a stop light and suddenly you see some drugged out, mental case in the cross walk or sitting at a bus stop screaming, talking to themselves, cussing and whatever else nonsense they do. If they aren’t there, they are bugging the hell out of you for money or cigarettes at a gas station or store. You know what they want it for. Some of them act like you owe them something. For instance, there’s this time where I was at a gas station and this hateful ass black girl came up to the car and was basically demanding change and I said no and she got all pissed off and started ranting at me calling me a rich, white girl and a useless bitch and all of this other stuff and I got pissed off and I said really loud where other people could hear me “Now you’re really not getting a damn thing”. She went to go ask someone else and they said “Hell no, after the way you talked to her (me), you’re not getting shit from me”. I did it on purpose, I wanted other people to not feel sorry for her and to show how she was acting. 

I honestly cannot deal with people who are heavy drinkers, drugged out or straight up mental. It really works my nerves and makes me more agitated. Too much exposure can make a sane person go insane. I’ve had way more than I want of it. When I bought my house, I didn’t do a lot of research about the neighborhood and I should have. It was a really long drive from where we were living and our car at the time was really struggling with even short trips. We bought it based on an inspection report, what the realtor (who’s a family friend) said and pictures. We found out shortly after moving in (within a few days) that there was a lot of trouble. The neighbors who live near us have a prostitution ring running in there and sell drugs out of their house. They have a lot of foot traffic coming in and out. We have a privacy fence that covers our entire back yard and we’re considering getting one for the front yard too even though we don’t hang out there. My child is only allowed to play in the back yard due to all of the bullshit that goes on out front. 

I know this was kind of a rant blog but seriously, drugs are the worst thing that could have happened to this country and it’s people. Rehab should be free to all who want to enter and people who are witnessed on the streets drugged out, should be forced into rehab and mental health facilities. 


My Annoyances

Published February 2, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I decided to write a list of things that annoy me. These are my own individual annoyances and not everyone will agree with them so here we go.

#1 – People who pretend to be someone they are clearly not. Example: I absolutely cannot stand people who pretend to be a different race, smarter than they really are, richer than they really are or part of a group just to fit in.

#2 – People who use their advantages to snob others. Example: Someone who is much better off than someone else putting on a smile but you know it’s fake. You know that inside they believe they are better because, they have more.

#3 – People who are loud in public. Example: Every single time I go to a store like Walmart for instance, there’s always someone in the store or in the parking lot who is yelling and making all kinds of noise. Seriously? I’m not talking about kids, we’ll get to that later but I am talking about, adults who cannot seem to control their self in public.

#4 – Random strangers who try to parent your kids. Example: I was in the grocery store a few months ago and I have a toddler who has Autism. I know and everyone who knows him knows, he cannot control himself or his emotions and it has nothing to do with my parenting or lack of. My son is making all kinds of noise and he’s being loud about it. He has two things working against him, he’s a toddler and he’s autistic. So anyway, this woman turns around at me and she says “If you cannot control your kid, perhaps you should consider giving him up for adoption instead of disturbing the rest of us”. I became quite angry and I said “Lady, you should probably mind your own business before I end up in handcuffs and you end up in the morgue. My son has Autism and he cannot control his behavior and neither can I”. She became quite angry but, walked away and said nothing else.

#5 – People who judge my husband simply because he’s Hispanic. Example: I have had multiple people say that he needs to go back to Mexico and he needs to stop depleting the system and he needs to take himself and all of his Mexican friends back with him. That sets me off really fast because for one thing, My husband has never lived in Mexico, he’s not from Mexico, he doesn’t speak with a Spanish accent and he’s the most American Mexican you could ever meet. I absolutely cannot stand when Gringo’s (white people) who have a racist attitude towards Mexican’s open their mouth because it’s nothing but ignorance coming out.

#6 – Speaking of Mexican’s, I hate it when people assume that Mexican’s are here illegally and don’t deserve to be in this country and that they should all speak English claiming it’s the “Official Language of the United States”. First of all, Many of the states now known as the United States were owned, created and taken care of by Mexican’s long before people from England who brought English with them came to the United States. There’s a little thing called the Mexican American war in which many Mexican’s lost their land and were bordered off into the remainder of Mexico. Despite what history books say, Christopher Columbus was not the 1st to discover the United States. The Native American’s who spoke many different dialects of their languages primarily Navajo and Kituwah, did not know any English as people from England had not arrived yet. Mexican’s spoke their native language Spanish long before English came along. There’s too much ignorance going on to even comprehend. So many people are hyped up claiming it’s “Their country” and “English is the only language”. That’s absolutely insane. The people “immigrants” from England who finally came over much later and brought English with them did not bother to learn Spanish, Navajo or any other language that was being spoken. They came in, took over and claimed the land for their self. Is that fair?

#7 – Assuming that all people who are on Food Stamps or Welfare are lazy, low life, drug users. Wrong. That’s another of the biggest form of ignorance there could be. First off, close to 75% of people on any of the government programs including Food Stamps have worked many hours in their lifetime and have paid their taxes which go to these programs. The majority remainder of those folks are people who are disabled or retired. A tiny percentage of those people are depleting the system and are lazy, low life drug users. Grouping that small percentage as being a whole group is just plain ignorant.

#8 – People who drive up against the center divider line on the road. In the first place, it’s dangerous because your side view mirror could easily graze their side view mirror and you end up side swiping that person particularly if, two people are driving up against the center dividing line, one in each lane.

#9 – People who write vague Facebook statuses. Example: I can’t believe this happened to me. Then of course you have the “Friends” who say things like “Is everything okay?”, “PM Me”. That’s incredibly annoying and shows that they only want attention.

#10 – People who throw everything they have ever done for you in your face. Most people know someone like this. Usually, you have someone who say you borrow $20 from and regardless of whether you pay them back or not, you will never hear the end of all of the things they have done for you. Sometimes, people can remember the entire time that they have known you and likely have a large notebook filled with dates, times and what they did for you. There’s no purpose in this, people like that are simply arrogant assholes who choose to be in control at all times. Those are the people that you would rather chew your arm off than to ask for help from.

Domestic Violence

Published September 20, 2014 by Amplio Recorrido

I want all of you to know that I’m not writing this blog due to the domestic abuse that has occurred within the NFL. Now with that being said, let’s proceed.

Domestic violence can often occur with someone that you trust and often times it’s due to that person’s inability to control their emotions. It can however, be caused by someone who has a mental illness such as Paranoia which can cause the person to believe that their partner is doing things intentionally to make them angry. The other side of it can also be the person’s inability to take personal responsibility for their own actions. Often times the abuser will say “If you hadn’t of said that, this wouldn’t be happening” or whatever the case is.

I want you to know a few things. In the first place, I’m a survivor of domestic violence. I won’t bore you with the details but, I will tell you that the person who abused me did so for as long as he could get away it and first chose isolation to keep me from telling anyone and then proceeded with the endless cycle of breaking my spirit to make me submissive. You see these are all common steps of the abuser and most abusers are afraid for anyone to discover what they are doing.

The most difficult thing for women to do is to leave their abuser. It’s common that people will criticize and say “Why didn’t you leave sooner” well, as I stated before Isolation is the abusers biggest advantage. There are extreme cases where the abuser will literally force you to stay inside the house. The person may block the doors/windows, they may tie you up or even lock you in a closet. There’s no way to escape most of the time unless someone gets worried about you and comes to your rescue.

The biggest thing that you need to know, if you do manage to get away from your abuser know that it will not stop. Almost always, the abuser is determined to have you back under their control and that is when stalking begins. You will often find that person showing up where you happen to be, usually they have either followed you or they have someone giving them information about where you’re going or who you will be with. Always take someone you trust with you every place that you go. I know that this may be annoying or even inconvenient but, it will also likely save your life. If you have no one to go with you, put it off for another time or carry discreet pepper spray or a tazer.

There are various resources that can help you escape from this abusive endless cycle but, what you need to know for sure is that you will require counseling when you leave the abusive relationship and things will never be the same again. That’s bad news you say, yes, the good news is though, you won’t be being beaten every day any more. It’s impossible to say whether or not the person will follow you everywhere you go but what they will do is, they will do everything they can to convince you to either stay or return back with them. They may even say “I went to therapy” or “I’m on medication now”. I do believe that people can change, I don’t however believe that they can change so quickly and by you going back to them, you’re rekindling that excitement they had of controlling and abusing you. It’s never a good idea to return based on what they claim, or even return at all.

Modesty in 2014

Published July 26, 2014 by Amplio Recorrido

hates skimpy

We all know that in today’s world Modesty is not a word used to describe women especially celebrities. I, myself have always believed in being modest and no I’m not overweight. The major problem with being modest in today’s world is that men are not interested.

There are many examples of uncovered women out there Celebrities, Models, Billboard ad’s and especially television ad’s. We live in a world of women who flatter men out there everywhere with their bodies and their skimpy clothes. A few of the many examples of this are in the music industry such as Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce. They are also subject to stalkers who are obsessed with them and treat them like sex objects because, that’s the way they present their self.

One of the stronger examples comes from Food and Beer commercials in which you will see many women with skimpy outfits having “food sex” over a hamburger or men getting slutty women in beer commercials. These things are obviously unappealing and unrealistic to those of us who have some class and are turned off by it.

The bigger problem aside from being turned off by it is that, our children are being exposed to these images and are virtually expected to dress, look and act that way in order to “make it” in today’s world which has become a man’s world. For instance, I was in a store last year and I noticed that Miley Cyrus had come out with a clothing line, the bad part, it was for young children and it was super short. For the trashy parents out there who dress their children like sluts, you’re setting your child up for molestation and rape. These items of clothing are very appealing to the pedophiles and also you’re teaching them to dress to please. It’s extremely inappropriate.

I do realize that some women who want to be modest or who are modest, feel pressured by all of the women who have flat stomachs and wear skimpy clothes. Then there’s the fashion industry which is mostly run by men. The men within the industry virtually control what consumers wear by advertising that you’re not good looking unless you wear these items. There’s also a pressure to be thin by using celebrities who have had kids and have “slimmed down” right after birth. Again, this is unrealistic and many of those women have photoshopped pictures, they are genetically disposed to being thin or they have surgery right after birth. However, to certain men who act like pigs, they will often to pressure women into looking like the woman they saw in a magazine or on TV.

The point in all of this is, men do not respect a woman who falls into “slutty” women, they will treat you as if you’re a sex object and nothing more. You will never have the respect you normally would by only being yourself without undressing. Now, this is not to say that you can’t wear that bikini to the beach but, it’s saying to not always be uncovered, flashing your body to every man in the world. In the first place, it’s dangerous as some men can become violent and rape you and secondly, if you’re looking for a permanent relationship or marriage, you likely won’t find your partner who will want you for anything other than sex. As a young person, you may think “That’s ok because I’m hormonal any way” but, as you gain weight later on, that man will say “This is not what I bought” and they will leave you for something thinner.

The bottom line: Respect yourself ladies so you can get respect. Though I could fall into the traps of today’s “fashion”, I refuse. I obtained a great man by just being myself and not showing him what he could have. It’s more important to build a foundation ladies before you start thinking of decorating that house you haven’t built yet. (This is a metaphor of course but, you get the idea).