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The Racist Debate

Published March 2, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I have to write this because I’m annoyed. I have nothing against races but, I can tell you this, I’m tired of seeing stories about white on black conflicts. More than ever we are seeing stories about innocent black kids being killed and teenager and adult blacks being killed by either a Hispanic or a white.

I understand that people are upset that their kids are being killed by cops or random people and that’s fine but, when the world goes in an uproar over it, it’s annoying because all you hear about is how it’s only because they were black. It may seem that way, that’s not necessarily the case and I hate to tell you but, there are hundreds of innocent people killed that are not black and a lot of them have been killed by blacks and did not get media attention or uproar’s.

I could post dozens of stories about innocent white kids (and when I say kids, I mean true children) who were senselessly shot by blacks. That’s far from the point, I’m just tired of hearing the sob stories of blacks where they claim they are being “picked on” and chosen by other races intentionally and that they are the only one’s. Yet, every time you turn on the news or open a newspaper, all you see is how blacks have raped, robbed, murdered etc… innocent people.

I think the guilt trip that are put on white people about how blacks have been mistreated is unfair and I am allowed to have an outside point of view that’s not really bias considering I’m not white or black. I’m basically just an observer when it comes to reading comments especially on Facebook for news stories. What I notice the most is how people like myself are always attacked and threatened which basically just proves that violence in the black community is common.

Here’s what I will say, there are a lot of educated black people who don’t feel the need to gang bang, drug sling, fight, act like fools and steal. There are upstanding citizens in every race and there are horrible people in every race but, there are a lot of black people who act like fools, end up in prison and hang out at gas stations or stores trying to make a buck off of people rather than getting a job or going back to school to better their selves. I’m seeing more and more black kids ages 10 and under who are actually at the stores, by their selves, selling candy with jacked up prices and you can tell that they are basically working either for their parents or they are alone and having to fend for their selves. Kids should never be in this position. Many are also sucking the life out of the welfare system and it’s only because they don’t want to work and yes, there are many people who need the system and have actually tried surviving. Others just depend on it because, it’s free money.

Mexican’s too are constantly being bashed and accused of being welfare suckers. Mexican’s work harder than any other race out there and they do jobs that many other races refuse to do. If it weren’t for the Mexican’s, everyone would starve because, not many people are willing to put in the hard work to plant and harvest food. Again, like in every other race there are bad Hispanic’s who have chosen to join gangs and cause destruction.

White’s are constantly being attacked for various reasons. One of the main reason’s is they are being held accountable for what SOME black’s had to go through in the past and I say some because there again, despite the sob stories, not all blacks were slaves and they didn’t all come from Africa. White’s are also attacked as being “lazy, uneducated” and are also often accused of being on the system. White’s are also guilty of attacking other races particularly the Mexican’s because they feel entitled to the United States and they forget that the people who made this land what it is, were actually Mexican’s and Native American’s. Mexican’s owned quite a few states and many of you have no idea about the Mexican American war or the number of states Mexican’s owned. White’s feel so entitled to the land, they forget that they too are immigrants and had to cross an ocean to get here. The constant war with “This is America, Speak English”. That’s ignorance as America is a Continent, many languages are spoken all over the America’s and English was brought over from England, forced upon the Mexican’s and Native American’s who already had discovered the United States. If you want to block out all of the immigrants, that sends the majority of white’s back to Europe so think before you speak.

Asians, they are often known as being intelligent, hateful and rude. They come over to the United States, populate like rabbits, close down all the mom and pop businesses and build Asian empires. They take over entire cities and send all residents who aren’t Asian packing. They are very rude and act like they own every single building they occupy and visit especially in the stores. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve nearly been run over by Asian’s with shopping carts and had many near accident’s because of their reckless driving in parking lots.

I’m positive that many of you will go on a bashing towards me and you’ll be angry, curse and flipout but, at least consider what has been said before jumping to defending your honor. What I have said in this blog doesn’t apply to all people of any race and I think I have been fair in labeling each race individually but not grouping every single person in each race together. There are good and bad in all races.