Finally Peace!

Published January 18, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I wanted to update you guys on how things have been going since my last blog. I have not spoken to my mother in law since the last incident and told her that she could not come and stay with us again. I know it seemed harsh but, I really needed peace in my life and most definitely in my son’s life. My son is still struggling with his Autism but, he’s not acting out nearly as much since he’s been weaned away from his toxic grandma. Things are so much better here at home and we’re all enjoying the quiet. We have started decorating things the way we want to and honestly, it’s been nice! I feel this surrounding peace almost like we’re just finally able to mature together and feel good about our lives. The hardest thing was getting my husband to stand up to his mother and get him to realize that you don’t have to be disrespectful, to get your point across. (This portion of the post was written a few days ago and saved as a draft until tonight).

UPDATE ON POST 1/18/15 at 1:24am – My mother in law contacted my husband yesterday and talked about coming back here even though, she knows she’s not welcome here. I gave my husband a look that he knew what it meant. He told her that if she did come and stay that he would not be taking her to any Kingdom Hall visits, we were going to follow through with no Jehovah’s Witness material being allowed in our home, we were going to have whatever we wanted in our home, without her being involved in our decision making and we were going to have our son’s 2nd birthday party next month. She usually sends some money every month to pay one bill and, we found out that she does that in order to have a hold over us. She said “Well, I don’t think I could be around then but, I want to send you some money anyway for paying your bill”. It honestly seems like that nothing is sinking in with her.

She is currently staying with my brother in law and she always likes staying with him because he’s her favorite and her “baby” and he can do no wrong in her eyes. He has done a lot wrong but, that’s a blog post for another time. I think it’s best if she stays with her favorite son who lets her get by with whatever. In return of being a momma’s boy, she runs his life. I’m glad that we’re not in that position. She continues to say that she wants to be in our son’s life but, she’s not willing to abide by the rules set out here in order to do that. We had to cut her off on being here, we can’t deal with this stuff anymore. As far as her not being here the past couple of weeks, things are really taking a turn-around as I mentioned above where we’re much happier as a couple, individuals and as parents. My son doesn’t even ask for her anymore and we’re happy about it because we knew that she would have influence over him and his thoughts if she continued to be in his life. Well that’s everything for now. Have a great night/day you guys!


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