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The San Bernardino, CA shootings

Published December 3, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I wanted to blog today about the San Bernardino, California shootings which happened on December 2nd, 2015. We know for sure that this was not an act of ISIS but rather, this is an act of people who had the full intention of killing a particular group of people. In the event that it was ISIS, they would have killed many more and probably blown up the building and then themselves. These suspects actually killed only a small group of people and then fled in an SUV. 

Now, when news first hit of the tragedy, many people were quick to say it was Muslim’s who did it and I believe this is because American’s have come to believe that Muslims are all terrorists and that they are always looking for someone to attack here in America however, these incidents occurred in a run down city, that is for many reasons a crime capital and anyone at any time could become a victim in the city of San Bernardino. 

Having lived in San Bernardino nearly 2 years before moving, I can tell you that a lot of crime happened daily and there were always stabbings, murder, robbing that sort of stuff and of course constant sirens and helicopters. From what I understand concerning this incident, the suspects rented out a conference room in the building so that they could have access to the building and they claimed it was for a Christmas Party however, that is very suspicious in nature considering that Christmas is several weeks away still. So any way, they went into the conference room and started shooting and then went throughout the building to the offices looking for people to shoot. As of 8:00 pm 12/2/15 here in California, there are 14 confirmed dead (2 of which are the suspects) and 18 injured (including the cop who was shot). 1 of those patients is in critical condition and may not survive the night. 

I have been kept up to date on every interview, conference on the news as well as the full story as it develops and this doesn’t seem like an act of terrorism at least not in the way that many people define terrorism (typically using Muslim’s). It was however a well planned attack against a particular group of people. The building is a building that focuses on helping people with disabilities. From what I understand, one of the victims was paralyzed and in a wheel chair and that’s who they shot first. What kind of coward does someone have to be to shoot people in the first place and then to shoot someone who can’t defend themselves? Then Obama has the nerve to get up on National TV and make his BS apology statements and then claim “We need to do something about the gun laws”, really Obama? Don’t you think he probably should have done something a long time ago? I do realize that having gun laws in effect won’t stop all guns from coming into the hands of crazy people and criminals but, if our government raided more people of their guns, it would be much more difficult to have mass shootings.

So many people are upset about the idea’s of having their guns taken away from them because, they feel that the majority are responsible. What you don’t understand is that whether there are responsible people or not, there are just too many non responsible, crazy people who are going to end the lives of hundreds of people and eventually destroy the citizens of the U.S. and therefore, due to all of the senseless murders and guns being the weapon of choice, we have to do something drastic now about guns being here. Too many innocent lives being taken. 

As a previous resident of San Bernardino, my heart truly goes out to those affected by this tragedy and the exception to that is, I do not feel sorrow for the shooters who died. I will update this blog if any new information becomes available. Thank you for reading and please reblog.


Jodi Arias Documentary

Published February 4, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido


I watched the Jodi Arias documentary that’s on Netflix and I’m honestly shocked. I had heard about it when she went to court but, I never heard nearly as much detail as what they show in the documentary. I can honestly say, I don’t understand people who commit murder. I know that people can be really upset but, I still don’t understand how someone can hurt another human being to the point of killing. I think that for me, it’s odd how something can turn from anger to death. Then again, I’m not a murderer and I understand that people who are, are out there. I know that this blog is different than anything I normally write but, I’m disturbed by what I saw.

I started researching what makes people kill and most all of the articles I read said that it stems from mental illness. Most people would say that sounds reasonable but really, how mentally ill can someone be and no one tries to get them help and off the streets? That’s where the system fails. Off subject, I have driven around in many different cities and seen a lot of people wandering around who were talking to their self and many were even screaming and cursing at seemingly nothing. I often wonder, why is no one helping them? I think the majority could benefit from just a little medicine and some therapy. It’s the same with people who kill. Who’s not helping them and why? Isn’t it true that with just enough help, so many murders could have been prevented?

Anyone who may have seen the documentary or followed the story line when she first was in trial for the crime, you would understand the disturbing way that this all went about. I know that no murder is less than sick but in this case, to be able to just stab and stab and stab someone over and over, I don’t know how many sane people can understand Jodi’s position. I never really followed the story when it came out and didn’t know that she was jealous over the man’s religion and the girl that he was with after her. What I did know was that she was just another criminal and I didn’t really pay any attention. I think that like most people, I have become numb to the stories on the news because someone is always killing, raping or robbing someone. It used to be quite uncommon for women to commit crimes, at least to hear about it. I just don’t understand why she thought he was worth spending the rest of her life in prison for. I don’t know about any of you but, I don’t think anyone is worth going to prison for, for any length of time especially, the rest of your life.

I know that I’m giving more opinions than facts concerning this documentary but, I’m not really here to review the documentary. I’m here more to find out what others think about those who kill and if you’re disturbed by stories like this one with Jodi. I think what disturbs me the most is that she was taking pictures of just before the murder and pictures of her actually doing the murder. What kind of mind set does someone have to be in, to not only stab someone repeatedly and slash their throat, but also take pictures of their work? Let me know what you think.

The Importance of Your Final Wishes

Published December 14, 2014 by Amplio Recorrido

The one thing that no one wants to talk about is death. For so many people it’s a scary thought especially when you’re young and healthy or somewhat healthy. However, when I was 18, I started thinking about what I would want when I die even though I had no plans of dying any time soon. I have had people say that it’s morbid and makes me seem like I have an obsession with death. Actually, it’s the opposite. I’m afraid of death just as much as the next person.

I found that despite what people want to believe, there are many people who die very young and it’s left up to the family as to what they may have wanted. I personally don’t want that. If something were to ever happen to me, I want the ability to make decisions for myself and I found the best way to do that is to have an Advance Directive in place. An Advance Directive is a way for you to write down exactly what you want, have 2 witnesses sign it, get it notarized if you desire to and give copies to your doctors, your local hospital and family or friends.

I found that the easiest form to fill out was a form called Five Wishes and it’s free to anyone who wants a copy mailed to them. There’s many different questions inside the Five Wishes and you simply write your answer to the questions below and then write anything else you would like. Some of the most important questions they ask you are things like Do you want life support? Do you want Artificial Nutrition? What music would you like played at your funeral? Things like that. It gives a clear cut and legal way for you to speak for yourself through your handwriting when you cannot speak for yourself verbally.

Now, I’m sure that so many of you will wonder why I would write a blog like this but honestly, I think it’s important to talk to people about what their options are and how to go about it without the expense of going through a lawyer or having to go to court and get a judge to sign your document. There are so many things going on in this world right now and so many people who are involved in innocent deaths and some who choose to end their lives. No matter what happens, be prepared. You can obtain a copy of Five Wishes here: