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Restaurant Review #2 – In-N-Out Burger

Published February 9, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido


If you’ve never been on the west coast, you won’t know what this is. It’s a very popular, cheap burger place that’s all over California.

The first time I tried In-N-Out, I got a Cheeseburger and Animal Style Fries (it has bacon bits, cheese and thousand island sauce). They also make a regular burger which you can stack all the way to a 5X5, they have an Animal Style burger and a protein burger (no bun, lettuce is the wrapping).

I’m honestly not sure what the craze is about this place. I have been several different times all over Southern California and I can tell you one thing, it’s getting worse as time goes along. The burgers are extremely dry, even with condiments and they are either under cooked (pink in the middle) or overcooked.The fries by their self are absolutely horrible! I can’t even imagine they are made with real potatoes, they honestly taste like imitation fries. You can seriously buy frozen fries in the grocery store that taste better than their fries.

Animal style fries on their own: Horrible! The cheese that’s on them is nuked government sliced cheese. The bacon bits are cheapy, soft imitation bacon bits. Sound appealing yet? The fries also come with grilled onions, if you like slimy, these are for you.

The milkshakes: I hope you’re not lactose intolerant, they use the strongest whole milk they can find, the ice-cream in the shakes have zero sugar. It’s basically like drinking curdled milk.

So, as you can see this place gets a 0/10 stars from me. I would never, ever consider eating there again even if they paid me to do so. The picture will fool you, there’s nothing tasty about their food and that is not a representation of what you actually get.

Restaurant Review #1 – McDonald’s

Published January 18, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

This is my first review on any fast food places including McDonald’s in general, please be patient.

Actual versus Menu/Advertisement

Actual versus Menu/Advertisement

I can remember as a kid going to McDonald’s often and of course they only had basically the same things they do now for kids, Chicken nuggets, Hamburger and Cheeseburger. I remember the food being ok and as a kid, I wasn’t terribly picky so I enjoyed the food except for the nuggets, I never really liked those and I still don’t.

McDonald’s hasn’t changed much with the exception that there food is smaller, it tastes worse than before and some of the employee’s are getting dumber. (No offense to anyone who works at McDonald’s) Oh yeah, it’s really expensive for what little you actually get. I don’t actually enjoy going but, it’s the only fast food place up the street, otherwise I have to drive 20 minutes of where I live to get something different.

  • QUALITY: Not a word I would use to describe McDonald’s food, it’s getting worse as time goes along

  • QUANTITY: Nope, that’s a fail on their part too. The quantity is getting smaller

  • PRICE: Extremely expensive considering the food and the service sucks.

Let’s talk about their Chicken Nuggets. What’s in them may actually surprise you and make you sick. For one thing, one of the major ingredients (like in a lot of foods) is Formaldehyde. Yep, the same stuff they put in dead people to preserve them. Sorry, that makes me nauseous and I don’t know why any of us would want to put that in our body. Next, The breading has been frozen a long time and it’s always like chewing on rubber and also doesn’t stay heated for more than a few seconds. The time it takes to get them, not very long considering most of the nuggets have been sitting under a warmer for a very long period of time.

Let’s talk about their Big Mac. In the first place, it’s not that big anymore. The hamburger patties are just frozen junk and taste horrible on all of their burgers and they are extremely thin. There’s no secret about the “Secret Sauce” in the Big Mac. Everyone knows it’s Thousand Island and that’s fine except when they go overboard with the sauce, that can make you sick. Finally, tons of old shredded lettuce covering the burger and falling out all over the place, not appealing!

Let’s talk about their Fries. They might just be the best thing that exists. I absolutely love McDonald’s fries and agree that they are the “Gold Standard”. I wouldn’t want anything to change with them.

So what’s the difference between their McDouble and their Double Cheeseburger? Nothing actually and like most of their burgers, they are honestly all about the same size so if you’re going to eat at McDonald’s and you’re going to order a burger, it’s cheaper to choose to McDouble and then add toppings to it like Bacon or Tomato than to buy a more expensive burger, which is basically the same size.

Those are just a couple of examples and all in all, I would rate McDonald’s a 4/10 stars.