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Jodi Arias Documentary

Published February 4, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido


I watched the Jodi Arias documentary that’s on Netflix and I’m honestly shocked. I had heard about it when she went to court but, I never heard nearly as much detail as what they show in the documentary. I can honestly say, I don’t understand people who commit murder. I know that people can be really upset but, I still don’t understand how someone can hurt another human being to the point of killing. I think that for me, it’s odd how something can turn from anger to death. Then again, I’m not a murderer and I understand that people who are, are out there. I know that this blog is different than anything I normally write but, I’m disturbed by what I saw.

I started researching what makes people kill and most all of the articles I read said that it stems from mental illness. Most people would say that sounds reasonable but really, how mentally ill can someone be and no one tries to get them help and off the streets? That’s where the system fails. Off subject, I have driven around in many different cities and seen a lot of people wandering around who were talking to their self and many were even screaming and cursing at seemingly nothing. I often wonder, why is no one helping them? I think the majority could benefit from just a little medicine and some therapy. It’s the same with people who kill. Who’s not helping them and why? Isn’t it true that with just enough help, so many murders could have been prevented?

Anyone who may have seen the documentary or followed the story line when she first was in trial for the crime, you would understand the disturbing way that this all went about. I know that no murder is less than sick but in this case, to be able to just stab and stab and stab someone over and over, I don’t know how many sane people can understand Jodi’s position. I never really followed the story when it came out and didn’t know that she was jealous over the man’s religion and the girl that he was with after her. What I did know was that she was just another criminal and I didn’t really pay any attention. I think that like most people, I have become numb to the stories on the news because someone is always killing, raping or robbing someone. It used to be quite uncommon for women to commit crimes, at least to hear about it. I just don’t understand why she thought he was worth spending the rest of her life in prison for. I don’t know about any of you but, I don’t think anyone is worth going to prison for, for any length of time especially, the rest of your life.

I know that I’m giving more opinions than facts concerning this documentary but, I’m not really here to review the documentary. I’m here more to find out what others think about those who kill and if you’re disturbed by stories like this one with Jodi. I think what disturbs me the most is that she was taking pictures of just before the murder and pictures of her actually doing the murder. What kind of mind set does someone have to be in, to not only stab someone repeatedly and slash their throat, but also take pictures of their work? Let me know what you think.

Old Fashioned Men Stuck in Modern Body’s

Published November 13, 2014 by Amplio Recorrido

I recently read comments from a man who believed that he was the king of his castle and that a woman’s sole purpose was to serve him. I found this quite odd as he insisted that his woman would not work and she would obey him. To me, this is controlling and abusive. Have you ever met anyone who was like this? It’s quite an old fashion way of thinking and on top of that it’s really obnoxious. Even more odd, he claims that the woman is satisfied doing this for him, though I doubt very seriously she’s happy.

Women don’t have a “sole purpose” as every woman is different and women can do anything a man can do and should be allowed the opportunity. After all, we’re not living in a world where women don’t have rights. I’m not saying this because I’m a woman, I’m saying this because it seems odd. Some men act as though they cannot do anything for their self and probably could not wash their own clothes if that woman was gone. So for me, I find these pigest men to be ignorant if anything, as they cannot do much of anything for their self. I could however understand if this man lived or lives in a country where it’s common to put all the work off on the woman. This man however is a white american and that makes him seem abusive.

This man also stated that it’s not his responsibility to care for his biological kids physically, only financially. I’m sorry but, this is what’s wrong with kids today and why some kids are better off without their fathers. I’m sure there are plenty of men in the world who would love to be good fathers and role model’s to these kids that are apparently unwanted. I honestly don’t see how these men are given children by God. That’s an entire different story though and I will try not to get side tracked.

I have seen multiple men who are abusive on TV and even in public. As a matter of fact, I was at a park last week and I noticed that a woman was standing at the car of her apparent ex and then I noticed they had two kids and were meeting to switch custody for the weekend. What caught my eye was the man cursing and threatening the woman and her son. He was making a complete fool of himself and I was very worried about the child’s safety and her’s. He was telling her how useless she was and was threatening to hit the kid in the head. I thought “Yes buddy, hit either of them and I will take you out”. I honestly see no purpose in being so abusive towards the mother of your child and certainly not the kids. I also thought “Why is this woman not filing for emergency custody and then full custody”. I would not let my child go with that man even if he had court ordered visitation and when he called the cops, I would have him arrested for making threats and then he definitely wouldn’t be seeing my kids any time soon.

So the big question is, what causes some men to think they are inferior to women and what causes these reactions towards them? What makes a man think that a woman is only good for housekeeping and sex? I think that whether a man works or not, he should still be responsible for half of all the work at home. Having a job doesn’t stop so many good men from helping their wives. It’s both responsibility and this man was actually trying to quote scripture claiming that God made women for housekeeping and sex. I wrote to him “Even the devil can quote scripture”. I’m sorry but, I have a serious problem with men who abuse and control their women and then use God as their reason for doing it. People like the man on the internet and the one at the park, deserve to die a lonely death.

Have you ever met anyone like the 2 men I have described? Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for reading!