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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Published January 28, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido


Anyone who’s ever known me will tell you one thing, I’m completely obsessed with having things clean. I want you to first understand one thing, I’m not a germophobe like most people who have OCD or maybe I’m deceiving myself.

There’s a couple of reasons for why I keep my home clean.

#1 – I hate seeing food crumbs on the stove and or splatter on the stove and in the microwave

#2 – I hate seeing a sinkful of dishes, they aren’t going to wash themselves

#3 – I hate for food/grease or any other spilled substance to be on my floors, that’s why I ditched traditional mopping and purchased a steam mop.

#4 – I have lived with a very uncleanly person who now has some kind of nasty skin infection due to, his lack of cleaning.

#5 – I hate lazy people.

I want to present a clean home for both my family that I have created and anyone who comes to my home and specifically for myself. I feel very proud when my home is sparkling. My biggest confession is that I use my steam mop at least 3 times a day in the entire house. That part might actually convince me I may be a germophobe. I also have cats in the home and as you know, their urine can stink and you had better believe their litter boxes are cleaned out daily and cleaned with industrial sanitizer along with, using a trash bag that has Febreeze scent to line the box. My husband on the other hand along with his family are not clean people and are very lazy. I often get the “You’re obsessed with cleaning” and “I didn’t make the mess” and there of course comes the teenage temper tantrum from my husband “You can’t tell me what to do”. That seriously raises my blood pressure. If you live here, you clean here regardless of who makes the mess.

I realize that not everyone is cut out for cleaning but, if I go to your home and you have poop stains on your toilet seat because you’re too lazy to clean it, I can’t respect you. To me, anything like that is just laziness. Yes, I experienced that multiple times with the man I mentioned earlier who has the skin infection. Even with animals in the home, your house can smell clean and fresh without overdoing it with air fresheners and candles. I have found that just my steam mop alone makes everything smell fantastic in the home and I’m not adding any chemicals. I then wipe everything down with industrial sanitizer which has a nice clean scent. It’s not hard to keep people who are in your home from getting sick and on top of that, you have really shiny surfaces and that makes you feel good. When I go on a cleaning kick, I can clean my entire house (which is very large) in 45 minutes. I work very fast but, it will definitely pass the white glove test and I don’t expect that everyone will live that way. We live in our home, it’s not a museum, we do make messes and we clean them up.

I know this article probably doesn’t apply to anyone, I just really wanted to get it off my chest. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment and like this blog post.

Food Stamp/Welfare Discrimination

Published January 19, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I want to talk today about a sensitive subject concerning people who are on Food Stamps and receive Welfare payments. The reason I’m bringing this up is because, I have seen so much discrimination against them. Too many people assuming that all of them have no jobs and are on drugs. I’m sure many of you have thought or said this a few times. Let me set some things straight.

Many people on Welfare are either disabled, lost their jobs (through no fault of their own) and have been unable to find more work because either their industry of expertise is no longer in their area or they aren’t able to compete with say someone who has more experience or a better education. Some people on welfare are working but, very limited income and qualify for it.

Many recipients on Food Stamps are the same and many of them do work but, still qualify based on income requirements. To assume that any of those people are just lazy and sucking from your tax dollars is ignorant. Also, if you would do the research, you would realize how little your tax dollars actually goes to these programs.

Let me give you facts about us. My husband has worked for 25 years paying taxes and we were doing just fine. After working 13 years at the same place, his job evaporated and we found ourselves stuck where he cannot find a job in the field he worked in anywhere. We were forced to move in with family and he was not able to find any job for over a year. He ended up on unemployment and when that ran out, we were solely dependent on family to help us. We were on Food Stamps during that time and did get some food stamps while he was working. Consider that his tax dollars all of those years paid for these programs too and when we needed help, it was available and we’re not ashamed of that. My husband finally got a job but, it’s only on the weekends and that’s just not enough and now that we have our own home and his job search is extremely limited because of us living now in a very remote area, plus his extreme lack of experience, we’re now on TANF payments (Welfare). Again, I’m not ashamed of it because all of those years he worked his ass off and paid for those programs. Now, he’s qualified for FAFSA so his school will be paid for, he’s going to school soon to get a degree so he can have a career and not have to worry about his previous job experience to get him a job. We won’t be dependent on Welfare or Food Stamps forever but, the point is to not assume that all people are just lazy. My husband isn’t lazy and he isn’t on drugs and we don’t sale the benefits that we get. We’re just struggling.

Weigh in on what you think about these programs.

Adopting Pets from Shelters

Published January 18, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido


The main reason I’m writing this blog is because I was motivated by watching a TV series on Netflix called “Animal House”. It’s a show about a no kill shelter in New York called North Shore. The other reason I’m motivated is because when word spread that I take in pets that are no longer wanted, I became the drop off place for unwanted pets, primarily puppies. It was horrible to see how many people discarded their pets at my doorstep as if, they were just trash. It’s also sad that many pets are considered property under the law and nothing more.

I have adopted several animals from shelters and currently have a couple of animals that I adopted from people who couldn’t take care of them any more. Normally, this would be considered fostering and I have done a lot of that but, I plan on keeping the remaining animals I have left permanently. I currently have a cat that a woman didn’t want any more and though I knew virtually nothing about him, I decided to take him in because he needed a good home. I was told he was 14 years old but, later found out through a post she had made, the cat is actually 16 years old. I also was told that the cat couldn’t be kept any longer because the neighbor was allergic to cats and then found out she has 2 other cats that she’s keeping. So anyway, it’s a long story but the point is, when you’re adopting any kind of animal whether it be from a person, a rescue from the street or in a shelter, you never know what kind of health problems the animal may have and you certainly don’t know his/her true temperament.

In my case, I had to take the cat to the vet to find out if he was healthy or needed to be euthanized. The first 2 weeks he was here, he would not come out of hiding and he hissed every time we got near him and I thought “I can’t deal with this”. Come to find out, the cat is blind in both eyes and couldn’t see who was approaching. Finally, we had, had enough of his hiding and not socializing and forced him out of the room he was hiding in and shut the door so that he could no longer run back to that space. The entire day I would pick him up and carry him to the couch or to my bed and pet him and have him lay down so that he could get used to us without hissing. He kept us awake the entire night upset that he was being forced to socialize and to get used to the cat we already had (also a rescue). The next day, to our surprise the cat started socializing as if he had known us forever. He got on the bed, he walked through the house, he nudged my arm for me to pet him and got along well with the cat we already had who’s much younger than he is. It was amazing to see the turn around so fast and I think a lot of it is, us not allowing him to hide anymore and you know something, he doesn’t even bother going to the door of the bedroom he used to stay in.

The point in telling you all of this is because, I want you to understand that you never know what type of animal you’ll actually be getting, they are a lot of work and sometimes you’ll even feel like giving up but, you have to make the time to welcome the animal in your home and make the animal feel like you really care and that you can be trusted. The problem with most animals in shelters is that have either been abandoned or abused and possibly both. The animal isn’t likely to trust you regardless of their past situation and working with them to rehabilitate them is a lot of work and patience. Often times people get pets out of just wanting one and don’t consider everything that’s involved.

The animal, particularly dogs with previous bad behavior, will continue that behavior after you bring them home and it can be extremely troublesome and stressful, to change the animal’s mindset and behavior. They may chew your carpet, tear down your breakables, snap at you or even run when the door is open. Learn as much as you can about the animal prior to adopting him/her if possible. If you go to a shelter or the local pound, make sure they give you all the information about the animal including his/her behavior while they have been there and anything you can find out about the condition they were found in.

If you have never had a pet before, start with a small pet that you know a little something about, whether that be from online research or knowing someone with a pet. Don’t feel rushed to make a decision on which animal to take home. Walk around each cage and spend at least 10 minutes with the animals that you really like. If you’re adopting an animal that you found on the street, be sure that you have the time to rehabilitate that dog/cat before taking it home and make sure that it doesn’t present a health hazard or is dangerous. Some animals can be okay until you get them in your vehicle, that’s when the trouble can really start and make sure the dog/cats overall condition looks good before bringing it home. If it only looks like it’s starving, that’s better than a dog say with the mange.

Please share your rescue/adoption stories below and as always, thanks for reading my blog!

Restaurant Review #1 – McDonald’s

Published January 18, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

This is my first review on any fast food places including McDonald’s in general, please be patient.

Actual versus Menu/Advertisement

Actual versus Menu/Advertisement

I can remember as a kid going to McDonald’s often and of course they only had basically the same things they do now for kids, Chicken nuggets, Hamburger and Cheeseburger. I remember the food being ok and as a kid, I wasn’t terribly picky so I enjoyed the food except for the nuggets, I never really liked those and I still don’t.

McDonald’s hasn’t changed much with the exception that there food is smaller, it tastes worse than before and some of the employee’s are getting dumber. (No offense to anyone who works at McDonald’s) Oh yeah, it’s really expensive for what little you actually get. I don’t actually enjoy going but, it’s the only fast food place up the street, otherwise I have to drive 20 minutes of where I live to get something different.

  • QUALITY: Not a word I would use to describe McDonald’s food, it’s getting worse as time goes along

  • QUANTITY: Nope, that’s a fail on their part too. The quantity is getting smaller

  • PRICE: Extremely expensive considering the food and the service sucks.

Let’s talk about their Chicken Nuggets. What’s in them may actually surprise you and make you sick. For one thing, one of the major ingredients (like in a lot of foods) is Formaldehyde. Yep, the same stuff they put in dead people to preserve them. Sorry, that makes me nauseous and I don’t know why any of us would want to put that in our body. Next, The breading has been frozen a long time and it’s always like chewing on rubber and also doesn’t stay heated for more than a few seconds. The time it takes to get them, not very long considering most of the nuggets have been sitting under a warmer for a very long period of time.

Let’s talk about their Big Mac. In the first place, it’s not that big anymore. The hamburger patties are just frozen junk and taste horrible on all of their burgers and they are extremely thin. There’s no secret about the “Secret Sauce” in the Big Mac. Everyone knows it’s Thousand Island and that’s fine except when they go overboard with the sauce, that can make you sick. Finally, tons of old shredded lettuce covering the burger and falling out all over the place, not appealing!

Let’s talk about their Fries. They might just be the best thing that exists. I absolutely love McDonald’s fries and agree that they are the “Gold Standard”. I wouldn’t want anything to change with them.

So what’s the difference between their McDouble and their Double Cheeseburger? Nothing actually and like most of their burgers, they are honestly all about the same size so if you’re going to eat at McDonald’s and you’re going to order a burger, it’s cheaper to choose to McDouble and then add toppings to it like Bacon or Tomato than to buy a more expensive burger, which is basically the same size.

Those are just a couple of examples and all in all, I would rate McDonald’s a 4/10 stars.

Finally Peace!

Published January 18, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I wanted to update you guys on how things have been going since my last blog. I have not spoken to my mother in law since the last incident and told her that she could not come and stay with us again. I know it seemed harsh but, I really needed peace in my life and most definitely in my son’s life. My son is still struggling with his Autism but, he’s not acting out nearly as much since he’s been weaned away from his toxic grandma. Things are so much better here at home and we’re all enjoying the quiet. We have started decorating things the way we want to and honestly, it’s been nice! I feel this surrounding peace almost like we’re just finally able to mature together and feel good about our lives. The hardest thing was getting my husband to stand up to his mother and get him to realize that you don’t have to be disrespectful, to get your point across. (This portion of the post was written a few days ago and saved as a draft until tonight).

UPDATE ON POST 1/18/15 at 1:24am – My mother in law contacted my husband yesterday and talked about coming back here even though, she knows she’s not welcome here. I gave my husband a look that he knew what it meant. He told her that if she did come and stay that he would not be taking her to any Kingdom Hall visits, we were going to follow through with no Jehovah’s Witness material being allowed in our home, we were going to have whatever we wanted in our home, without her being involved in our decision making and we were going to have our son’s 2nd birthday party next month. She usually sends some money every month to pay one bill and, we found out that she does that in order to have a hold over us. She said “Well, I don’t think I could be around then but, I want to send you some money anyway for paying your bill”. It honestly seems like that nothing is sinking in with her.

She is currently staying with my brother in law and she always likes staying with him because he’s her favorite and her “baby” and he can do no wrong in her eyes. He has done a lot wrong but, that’s a blog post for another time. I think it’s best if she stays with her favorite son who lets her get by with whatever. In return of being a momma’s boy, she runs his life. I’m glad that we’re not in that position. She continues to say that she wants to be in our son’s life but, she’s not willing to abide by the rules set out here in order to do that. We had to cut her off on being here, we can’t deal with this stuff anymore. As far as her not being here the past couple of weeks, things are really taking a turn-around as I mentioned above where we’re much happier as a couple, individuals and as parents. My son doesn’t even ask for her anymore and we’re happy about it because we knew that she would have influence over him and his thoughts if she continued to be in his life. Well that’s everything for now. Have a great night/day you guys!

Product review #1: Samsung Galaxy S3

Published January 9, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I’m going to start doing something a little different than usual. I have decided to start doing product reviews on my blog for a while to help keep people informed of every day products. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Galaxy S3.

samsunggalaxysiii4glte-overview-large otterbox

I have had the S3 for about a year. I have had the opportunity to upgrade but choose not to because I enjoy my version. The S3 is a very thin phone if it doesn’t have a durable case, it can easily slip from your hands. Everyone drops their phone at some point or the dreaded dropping it in water. In my case, I have an Otterbox case that I love which has fully protected my phone in both water and drops. It was pricey at first coming in at $50 but, you get free replacements for life without having to mail in your old case.

The S3 takes really good pictures and has decent quality video. The “mobile video” for SMS isn’t great and is grainy but, regular video which has no time restriction, is very clear and the sound is great.

Despite having my phone for quite a while, it’s been a great phone in all aspects. One of the biggest things is that, it comes with 16GB without having to use an SD card. I have been able to download tons of music, pictures and apps and still have more than plenty of space on my phone and everything is automatically backed up via Cloud and Google. Due to having things on backup, many apps can be universally used by simply signing in to your account on a different phone or device and continuing your apps where you left them, including games so that if something does happen to your phone, you won’t lose any progress.

I like that my phone has a screensaver option that’s built in. It not only looks great but, it keeps the boring black screen away. You can also choose when you want your screensaver to turn on. For example, mine is set to turn on, only when charging. I also enjoy that there are 2 camera’s on the phone and the camera features a self timer button so you can take pictures of yourself without having someone hold the phone. It also comes with nice LED lights inside that show you different colors in a flashing manner for different things happening. For instance, my light turns green if i have a text and turns blue if I have email.

The cons of the phone: Not very well built, Not made for accidents, Not waterproof, Doesn’t have a good long battery life, The SMS video needs to be updated, Firmware is rarely available. The first 3 cons can be resolved by using an ARMOR case or an Otterbox case.

Any Galaxy S3 that you buy now automatically forces you to upgrade to Kit Kat. Kit Kat is not for everyone because you lose the ability to do a lot of things including using Tethering when your phone company has blocked you from using it and a lot of apps cannot handle and are not made for Kit Kat users.

All in all, I give the Galaxy S3 7 out of10 stars!

Tell me about your Galaxy, doesn’t have to be the S3.

Mother in Law rampage returns!

Published January 9, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

A couple of weeks ago, my mother in law returned to her house with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and she picked up her things and we took her to her other son’s house. After we got close to his house, there was an argument about her religion and I believe I wrote about this when it first happened. It was the first time that I was so angry with her, I couldn’t say another word and decided I was completely done. So, my husband continued talking to her every few days over the phone but, I wanted nothing to do with her because of all the stress she has caused us. Now, she’s wanting to return to our house to stay and i’m honestly not having it!

We had to go to the city she lives in yesterday to go to the doctor and of course my husband decides to drop by her house and pick her up. We were driving around after my appointment and she waits until my husband gets out of the car and says “I need to talk to you”. I knew then that she was going to say something about the organization because she loves to catch me when I’m alone.

So she proceeds to tell me that she wants to return to our house but, that I’m not allowed to say anything else about her or the Jehovah’s Witnesses that she won’t tolerate it and that I make her uncomfortable and I’m in an outrage at this point. I said to her “This is not about how you feel, this is my home and I don’t want you or your material in my house”. So she ignores what I said and then says “I want to come back and you can take me to my Kingdom Hall meetings twice a week”. i was like No way! NO NO NO! I don’t want anything to do with her organization. I’m at the bottom of the rope now.

When we returned home after dropping her off, I told my husband that she doesn’t run the show around here and that I don’t want her back here staying and that I’m not taking her to Kingdom Hall and neither is he. if he wants something to do with her, he can do it over the phone or outside this house. Yes, this blog is a complete rant because as most of you know, I’m running on nothing at this point and I have no more patience for this. We cannot stay around each other or in the same house period!