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My Intolerance of people

Published August 11, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido


If you have a general intolerance of society or people or you know someone who has this problem, please read this blog to find out more about it, straight from someone who has the problem.

Over the years I’ve lost a lot of people that meant everything to me. People who died and it took a toll on me. I started growing an intolerance to people as I started losing people. The people who meant everything to me, were the people that I could look up to in order to have a good goal in mind of what I wanted to be like. Not that I need to copy someone else but, when you have positive people in your life, you tend to want to be somewhat like them. When those people started dying off, I felt like I didn’t have anyone that I could model their behavior and therefore, I gained an intolerance to people.

My views of people are many and usually negative. I have an intolerance to people who behave badly, scream in public, ignore their kids who are destroying stuff or screaming, fighting among couples, an annoying husband who yells at his wife to come on 20 times in 10 seconds, people who scream at strangers on the road or in cars, who don’t listen, who always do the opposite of what you say, those who play the victim all of the time, those who choose to be “clueless or stupid” when they really are just lazy and oh I could go on and on.

As I’m getting older and the people I cared most about have almost all died off, I find myself heading in a direction that I don’t necessarily like but, I’m also indifferent to what people think about me too. For the simple fact that I don’t do any of the things that I hate from others, I somehow expect people to just get it together and stop acting like complete assholes! I’m sorry for the language but, if I’m passionate enough to write about it then you know it really bothers me. 

I do not have an intolerance to the elderly, small children or the mentally/physically handicapped. They all have reasons for their behavior and it usually cannot be controlled and therefore, it would be unfair of me to be impatient with them. 

I often wonder why people act the way they do. Do they not realize what an obnoxious person they are being? Can they not control their behaviors and their respect for people around them? I almost always avoid society and being in public. When I do go out, I find myself more stressed out and annoyed even after completely minimizing my time out. When I get of public, I feel a sense of relief and for the same reason, I don’t drive. I cannot stand people on the road, they are inconsiderate and dangerous and so if I could avoid being on the road at all, I would! 

So this blog is based around my “at minimum” thoughts which basically means, these are my generalized thoughts and feelings and this blog isn’t a complete explanation of what I go through. However, I hope that it’s of some value to you and that you can somewhat understand my point of view. Thank you!! 

Luke, I don’t care

Published July 22, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

luke idc

The title may have you wondering. It actually comes from the Grumpy Cat meme who is dressed as Darth Vader and he says “Luke, I don’t care” instead of the “Luke, I am your father”. Now that, that’s out of the way, let’s get to the blog. 

I have become seriously annoyed with people. I’m not talking about my followers, I think you guys are fantastic. I’m just venting at this point about society and people in general. I look around and I see everything for exactly what it is. If shit is going down all around the world, I’ll be the first to point it out. Now, I know what you’re thinking and I’ll tell you how to stop thinking it – read my blog “I am a realist”. Moving on, I watch the world around me crumbling. I see poverty, bullying, alienation, abuse, hate, racism rants, death and wars. 

Meanwhile, 3rd world countries are being destroyed, the people are starving, they are being killed and kidnapped and many countries women still have no rights. All of this happening while we as American’s are complaining about immigration, flags, weight, race, kids being “brats” and religion. There’s entirely too much ignorance going on in this country and I’m burned out! So I always get the “Well, why don’t you find a new country to call home” and my response is “Why don’t you just get your shit together, so that we can all live happy”. Why does anyone have to move? Why can’t people just be a productive member of society and stop being whiny, obnoxious brats? 

America will be destroyed

What have we as a country become? I’ll tell you. We have become a self-righteous, overbearing, uncaring, bitter society who will be our own demise. Stop bitching about immigrants, they were here hundreds of years before “Christopher Columbus discovered America” The truth is the Native American’s and the Mexican’s lived, worked and built the United States so stop being so self-righteous! Stop telling people to speak English. English was brought from Europe with the white’s who invaded the U.S. and kicked the real citizens out!

Stop fighting over flags and calling everything racist. The Confederate Flag has been around for a very long time and no one started complaining until now. The American flag was flown and used under slavery for 10 times longer than the Confederate flag. Those who fought in the Civil War deserve to have their graves undisturbed and that includes their flags atop their headstones and that includes the 100,000 plus black soldiers. This deal of “Everything is racist” is not only ignorant but, it’s also obnoxious. Black people don’t rule the world, White people don’t rule the world. Let it GO! Your slavery bit has reached the end. 

Stop fighting over whether kids aren’t being controlled by their parents. You don’t know them and you don’t know their situation. 

Stop fighting people who believe in God. Leave them alone, let them be and don’t worry about what they believe! If you don’t want your kids knowing about God and are worried they might be exposed to it in school, keep them at home! No one is bothering your rights, no one cares that you’re obsessed with “In God We Trust” being on our money, if you hate it don’t look at it! Stop bothering people, it’s insanity! 

I just can’t understand this. I look all around and I see all of these stupid arguments and battles over nothing! It doesn’t affect you and at some point this has to stop! The only reason I’m even writing this blog is because it’s not only affecting my life, it’s affecting my mental health. Constant migraines and stress from reading and hearing all of this non sense, listening to people in public and hearing my obnoxious neighbors. I know I’m not the only one who sick of hearing all of this bullshit going on every single day. At some point, we as a society have to stop coping out and take full responsibility for us and us only! I mean that as YOU and YOUR KIDS and that’s it! 


My Annoyances

Published February 2, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I decided to write a list of things that annoy me. These are my own individual annoyances and not everyone will agree with them so here we go.

#1 – People who pretend to be someone they are clearly not. Example: I absolutely cannot stand people who pretend to be a different race, smarter than they really are, richer than they really are or part of a group just to fit in.

#2 – People who use their advantages to snob others. Example: Someone who is much better off than someone else putting on a smile but you know it’s fake. You know that inside they believe they are better because, they have more.

#3 – People who are loud in public. Example: Every single time I go to a store like Walmart for instance, there’s always someone in the store or in the parking lot who is yelling and making all kinds of noise. Seriously? I’m not talking about kids, we’ll get to that later but I am talking about, adults who cannot seem to control their self in public.

#4 – Random strangers who try to parent your kids. Example: I was in the grocery store a few months ago and I have a toddler who has Autism. I know and everyone who knows him knows, he cannot control himself or his emotions and it has nothing to do with my parenting or lack of. My son is making all kinds of noise and he’s being loud about it. He has two things working against him, he’s a toddler and he’s autistic. So anyway, this woman turns around at me and she says “If you cannot control your kid, perhaps you should consider giving him up for adoption instead of disturbing the rest of us”. I became quite angry and I said “Lady, you should probably mind your own business before I end up in handcuffs and you end up in the morgue. My son has Autism and he cannot control his behavior and neither can I”. She became quite angry but, walked away and said nothing else.

#5 – People who judge my husband simply because he’s Hispanic. Example: I have had multiple people say that he needs to go back to Mexico and he needs to stop depleting the system and he needs to take himself and all of his Mexican friends back with him. That sets me off really fast because for one thing, My husband has never lived in Mexico, he’s not from Mexico, he doesn’t speak with a Spanish accent and he’s the most American Mexican you could ever meet. I absolutely cannot stand when Gringo’s (white people) who have a racist attitude towards Mexican’s open their mouth because it’s nothing but ignorance coming out.

#6 – Speaking of Mexican’s, I hate it when people assume that Mexican’s are here illegally and don’t deserve to be in this country and that they should all speak English claiming it’s the “Official Language of the United States”. First of all, Many of the states now known as the United States were owned, created and taken care of by Mexican’s long before people from England who brought English with them came to the United States. There’s a little thing called the Mexican American war in which many Mexican’s lost their land and were bordered off into the remainder of Mexico. Despite what history books say, Christopher Columbus was not the 1st to discover the United States. The Native American’s who spoke many different dialects of their languages primarily Navajo and Kituwah, did not know any English as people from England had not arrived yet. Mexican’s spoke their native language Spanish long before English came along. There’s too much ignorance going on to even comprehend. So many people are hyped up claiming it’s “Their country” and “English is the only language”. That’s absolutely insane. The people “immigrants” from England who finally came over much later and brought English with them did not bother to learn Spanish, Navajo or any other language that was being spoken. They came in, took over and claimed the land for their self. Is that fair?

#7 – Assuming that all people who are on Food Stamps or Welfare are lazy, low life, drug users. Wrong. That’s another of the biggest form of ignorance there could be. First off, close to 75% of people on any of the government programs including Food Stamps have worked many hours in their lifetime and have paid their taxes which go to these programs. The majority remainder of those folks are people who are disabled or retired. A tiny percentage of those people are depleting the system and are lazy, low life drug users. Grouping that small percentage as being a whole group is just plain ignorant.

#8 – People who drive up against the center divider line on the road. In the first place, it’s dangerous because your side view mirror could easily graze their side view mirror and you end up side swiping that person particularly if, two people are driving up against the center dividing line, one in each lane.

#9 – People who write vague Facebook statuses. Example: I can’t believe this happened to me. Then of course you have the “Friends” who say things like “Is everything okay?”, “PM Me”. That’s incredibly annoying and shows that they only want attention.

#10 – People who throw everything they have ever done for you in your face. Most people know someone like this. Usually, you have someone who say you borrow $20 from and regardless of whether you pay them back or not, you will never hear the end of all of the things they have done for you. Sometimes, people can remember the entire time that they have known you and likely have a large notebook filled with dates, times and what they did for you. There’s no purpose in this, people like that are simply arrogant assholes who choose to be in control at all times. Those are the people that you would rather chew your arm off than to ask for help from.