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WANTED: Time Machine

Published July 12, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido
PHOTO CREDIT: charmed.wikia.com

PHOTO CREDIT: charmed.wikia.com

Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Ever wanted to see a moment in history take place? See your own birth? Go to a time you can’t remember, to see which of you parents were telling the truth about the event? Just experience a certain time period? That’s what this blog is all about. 

You see I want to do all of those things. I’ve been stuck in wanting to time travel so badly and most of that is because well, I hate the world we currently live in and I wanted to see a time when things were a little more simple, where women were modestly dressed. To see no Miley Cyrus and more family values, to see respectful men and women interacting. I would also love to be their for my own birth and see the look on my parents face’s when they laid eyes on me for the first time, to see what they thought of me and what they talked about. 

All of these things seem so interesting to me and for years now I can’t get my mind off of it. I spend sometimes hours watching commercials from the 40’s and 50’s on YouTube. I’m always researching historical events and asking people who lived during certain time periods what it was like but, there’s nothing like experiencing that for yourself, in person. I dream of what I would do if I went back in time. Would people notice me and start panicking? Would I be able to get in a time machine that allowed me to see and hear them but, I went unnoticed and unheard? Wouldn’t that be even better if they couldn’t hear or see you and you could just enjoy the experience without all of the screaming and running away? lol. 

I’ve asked around and done some google searches, it seems like I’m not the only one. As a matter of fact, there was a short series in the UK called Time Warp Wives and it’s not a made up show, it’s an actual video of women who live their entire lives in different time periods. One of those women was determined to be a 50’s housewife and her husband went right along with it. They used ancient appliances (that were modern at the time) that were in good working condition, they bought their 50’s outfits online and at consignment shops/estate sales, they had an old telephone and her husband built all of the custom made furniture based on photographs in 1950’s catalogs, the woman even cooked everything from scratch and served her husband, she refused to have children because, she wanted to be fully in touch with his needs. They rarely went out in public and when they did people stared at them. I thought wow, that’s a little over the top but hey, if you really want to live that way, why not. 

I think I have always sort of been fascinated by these things as a child but, I think that it all got a little more serious the more fed up with the world we live in. For me, I hate today’s society and the way society behaves. I’m tired of constantly hearing overused terms like racism, fighting, war, money problems, someone killed or raped someone, there was yet another robbery and so on. I think that all of us are a little tired of the world today. I’m also tired of seeing trash on the TV and hearing it on the radio. I hate the Miley Cyrus’s (people like her) and the Kardashian’s, to see that sex sells and values/morals mean nothing. That you can’t trust anyone anymore, that people are only out for their selves and don’t care what happens to you.

We’re all kind of slaves now to the internet, social media, celebrities, cell phones and all things modern. We are after all the generation of looking down and the generation of “likes” and retweets. We have all just kind of given up on enjoying life and only associating ourselves with how many online friends we have and whether people like our statuses or not. Even teenagers today are killing themselves over someone making comments on the internet. That sort of thing didn’t exist in the past, people valued their lives and didn’t think as highly of someone who didn’t like them. Wouldn’t it be nice to just escape all of these things, even for just a day?

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and please tell me in the comments below, what you would like to do if you could go back in time.  

The Balloon Obsession

Published July 12, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

balloon obsession

So recently my son who has autism has become obsessed with balloons. Now, I know that toddlers can have favorite toys and they enjoy playing with certain things but, this has gotten out of control. Let me explain. 

We were out shopping as we normally do on July 1st and it’s a day that we all look forward to. Normally, we’ll go into the store and our son enjoys running around, riding in the shopping cart and just enjoys being out. He has never begged for anything or cried for anything with the exception that he does like bouncy balls. We always bought him one because, he would often pop his by throwing it in our rose bushes. On July 1st, we went into the store and balloons that were on the ceiling caught his eye and he started exclaiming “guka, guka” and we didn’t know what that meant. He kept reaching for the balloons so we assume that word means something to him and that was his word for balloon. 

As we continued on through the store we noticed that he was starting to get much more fussy than usual and he started screaming at the top his lungs begging for the balloon. This was not typical of his behavior and he even started kicking me which he never does. Everyone in the store was staring at him and meanwhile we’re baffled as to what just happened. We pulled a balloon down just so we could get through the store. He was smiling, laughing and saying “Guka” over and over and began hugging the balloon. We tried taking it away and getting him to say bye bye to the balloon in the store and things got much worse so we caved and bought the $1 balloon. We didn’t realize that wouldn’t be the end of it. 

We went back to the store a few days later, a different one this time and again he begged for a balloon even though he still had his at home. We managed to get his mind off of it by basically shoving a bag of candy in his eye sight and quickly opening the bag and of course that worked at the time. I know it’s not the best option but, it’s the only one we had. 

Yesterday, my husband took our son into a store and he saw a balloon at the register. My husband was trying to get out of there as quickly as possible before the tantrum started but, the cashier was too slow and there were too many people in front of him. So, the screaming began and of course people were staring. Our son went into a huge meltdown and I’m not talking about like your typical toddler tantrum, he actually went into a full blown violent rage. So again, my husband gave in and my son came home with a bright red, star shaped balloon.

I’m just not sure what to do about this obsession, I know that it’s only been a little over a week but,  I know my son and I’m worried about where this obsession will take him. Will he be completely obsessed with balloons for a long time, what happens when he accidentally lets go of a balloon and it goes higher than we can catch it? We had thought about taking a balloon with us tied around his wrist so that we don’t have to keep buying them. Has anyone else gone through an obsession with balloons or other objects that caused nightmare tantrums?

The Generation of Looking Down

Published February 5, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

Looking Down

With all of the new technologies now and most of them being consolidated onto cell phones, we have become a generation of looking down. I can clearly remember being a kid and going somewhere like the doctors office and running to my room before we left, I had to grab something to keep me busy which ended up being either a coloring book with crayons, a toy or a handheld video game system like my Nintendo Gameboy. Ah those were the days. Now we have a generation of people who carry their smartphones and can do anything they want to keep their self busy.

The older generations who don’t use technology will tell you that our generation is missing out on so much in life. What are we really missing out on though? Not much actually if you think about it because, everything is available to us. What our friends are doing, what news is on TV, what new game is out that everyone is playing, controlling our home alarm system and many other things that can be done on a smartphone. We can even travel the world through Google earth. The great smartphone even gets us out of a boring situation, by having something to distract us. Yes we truly are the generation of looking down.

What did people used to do for entertainment before cell phones became smart? Well, many people spent much more time outside, kids rode their bikes and played a good game of hide and seek or basketball. People had to go home or to a friend’s house to play on a bulky video game system, you had to pull out a camera to take pictures and then have them developed at a store. If you wanted to see what the other side of the world was doing, you would have to spend thousands to travel.

There’s no doubt about it, we all have our heads buried in our smartphones and most of us have our phone’s glued to our hands everywhere we walk. We’ve become so obsessed with our phones we rarely put them in our pockets anymore or leave them laying somewhere and wall hugging to keep that cell phone charged is a way of life.

It’s so important to us as a generation to be liked online. We want the whole world to see our tweets, instagram posts, Facebook statuses, what we’re eating, where we are going, what we are doing and for people to press that like button, reblog, retweet, sharing, commenting and so on. We determine our self worth by what other people, even strangers think of us and some people take it much harder than others. 

If anyone here doesn’t have a smartphone, would you own one and if not, why?

For those of you who do have smartphones, would you ever live without it?