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My Review: Charter Communications

Published October 19, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

So today I’m going to review Charter Communications on both internet and TV. 

I’ve had Charter as my internet provider for a year and TV for a month. Like many people, I’m not crazy about Charter and as a matter of fact, if I had other options I would take them. I’ve had nothing but trouble on the internet side. Paying an astounding $44.99 a month for “high speed” internet. Now, I put high speed in quotation marks because well, they just don’t match up with the speeds they claim you’ll receive. I feel that their prices are ridiculous compared to what you actually get. Also, I’ve had to have a technician and a supervisor technician come out more than 20 times in the past year to repair all sorts of problems. There’s constant outages, the internet will just turn off and you have to reconnect, sometimes it just doesn’t work at all for a day or two and it’s just always something wrong. 

The TV portion. Expensive, Expensive, Expensive! The prices are absolutely ridiculous for basic TV. I could get way more channels for a much lower price if I went for satellite verses Charter. Charter knows they don’t have good prices and they could care less! They only reason they sucker people like me in is because they don’t have any contracts and you can cancel your service any time. Oh and be prepared to be billed for 2 months at once every month on the TV service. When I signed up, I was told that I would have a prorated amount to pay on my next bill. Exactly one week later, to my surprise I had the prorated amount plus a months worth of internet and a months worth of TV which brought it to a ridiculous $135 and it had to be paid within 3 weeks. Are you kidding me? Is that how they love to scam people? Oh and by the way, after the first year (even though there’s no contracts), you’ll expect to pay $118 for internet and TV combined every month and you’re also penalized for having wifi so they charge extra if you want to keep your wifi (Imagine something that’s been around a long time, is free in many different hotspots and yet you have to pay extra for wifi) and you’ll have to pay for the router and each cable box. The price just goes up and up, being charged for everything under the sun. 

The customer service: HORRIBLE! Most of the employees are real jerks there. They don’t want to hear you out, they don’t want to help you out and if you’re unhappy their response is “Well, you’re not under contract, you can always cancel and go to another company”. As if that’s some sort of threat. I would love to go to any one of their competitors. I know that I would get better customer service, better pricing and better product. So in closing, if you can avoid Charter, do so! 


Restaurant Review #1 – McDonald’s

Published January 18, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

This is my first review on any fast food places including McDonald’s in general, please be patient.

Actual versus Menu/Advertisement

Actual versus Menu/Advertisement

I can remember as a kid going to McDonald’s often and of course they only had basically the same things they do now for kids, Chicken nuggets, Hamburger and Cheeseburger. I remember the food being ok and as a kid, I wasn’t terribly picky so I enjoyed the food except for the nuggets, I never really liked those and I still don’t.

McDonald’s hasn’t changed much with the exception that there food is smaller, it tastes worse than before and some of the employee’s are getting dumber. (No offense to anyone who works at McDonald’s) Oh yeah, it’s really expensive for what little you actually get. I don’t actually enjoy going but, it’s the only fast food place up the street, otherwise I have to drive 20 minutes of where I live to get something different.

  • QUALITY: Not a word I would use to describe McDonald’s food, it’s getting worse as time goes along

  • QUANTITY: Nope, that’s a fail on their part too. The quantity is getting smaller

  • PRICE: Extremely expensive considering the food and the service sucks.

Let’s talk about their Chicken Nuggets. What’s in them may actually surprise you and make you sick. For one thing, one of the major ingredients (like in a lot of foods) is Formaldehyde. Yep, the same stuff they put in dead people to preserve them. Sorry, that makes me nauseous and I don’t know why any of us would want to put that in our body. Next, The breading has been frozen a long time and it’s always like chewing on rubber and also doesn’t stay heated for more than a few seconds. The time it takes to get them, not very long considering most of the nuggets have been sitting under a warmer for a very long period of time.

Let’s talk about their Big Mac. In the first place, it’s not that big anymore. The hamburger patties are just frozen junk and taste horrible on all of their burgers and they are extremely thin. There’s no secret about the “Secret Sauce” in the Big Mac. Everyone knows it’s Thousand Island and that’s fine except when they go overboard with the sauce, that can make you sick. Finally, tons of old shredded lettuce covering the burger and falling out all over the place, not appealing!

Let’s talk about their Fries. They might just be the best thing that exists. I absolutely love McDonald’s fries and agree that they are the “Gold Standard”. I wouldn’t want anything to change with them.

So what’s the difference between their McDouble and their Double Cheeseburger? Nothing actually and like most of their burgers, they are honestly all about the same size so if you’re going to eat at McDonald’s and you’re going to order a burger, it’s cheaper to choose to McDouble and then add toppings to it like Bacon or Tomato than to buy a more expensive burger, which is basically the same size.

Those are just a couple of examples and all in all, I would rate McDonald’s a 4/10 stars.

Product review #1: Samsung Galaxy S3

Published January 9, 2015 by Amplio Recorrido

I’m going to start doing something a little different than usual. I have decided to start doing product reviews on my blog for a while to help keep people informed of every day products. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Galaxy S3.

samsunggalaxysiii4glte-overview-large otterbox

I have had the S3 for about a year. I have had the opportunity to upgrade but choose not to because I enjoy my version. The S3 is a very thin phone if it doesn’t have a durable case, it can easily slip from your hands. Everyone drops their phone at some point or the dreaded dropping it in water. In my case, I have an Otterbox case that I love which has fully protected my phone in both water and drops. It was pricey at first coming in at $50 but, you get free replacements for life without having to mail in your old case.

The S3 takes really good pictures and has decent quality video. The “mobile video” for SMS isn’t great and is grainy but, regular video which has no time restriction, is very clear and the sound is great.

Despite having my phone for quite a while, it’s been a great phone in all aspects. One of the biggest things is that, it comes with 16GB without having to use an SD card. I have been able to download tons of music, pictures and apps and still have more than plenty of space on my phone and everything is automatically backed up via Cloud and Google. Due to having things on backup, many apps can be universally used by simply signing in to your account on a different phone or device and continuing your apps where you left them, including games so that if something does happen to your phone, you won’t lose any progress.

I like that my phone has a screensaver option that’s built in. It not only looks great but, it keeps the boring black screen away. You can also choose when you want your screensaver to turn on. For example, mine is set to turn on, only when charging. I also enjoy that there are 2 camera’s on the phone and the camera features a self timer button so you can take pictures of yourself without having someone hold the phone. It also comes with nice LED lights inside that show you different colors in a flashing manner for different things happening. For instance, my light turns green if i have a text and turns blue if I have email.

The cons of the phone: Not very well built, Not made for accidents, Not waterproof, Doesn’t have a good long battery life, The SMS video needs to be updated, Firmware is rarely available. The first 3 cons can be resolved by using an ARMOR case or an Otterbox case.

Any Galaxy S3 that you buy now automatically forces you to upgrade to Kit Kat. Kit Kat is not for everyone because you lose the ability to do a lot of things including using Tethering when your phone company has blocked you from using it and a lot of apps cannot handle and are not made for Kit Kat users.

All in all, I give the Galaxy S3 7 out of10 stars!

Tell me about your Galaxy, doesn’t have to be the S3.